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UNTITLED - House of Prints is a multidisciplinary agent of change

and innovation, bringing new meaning to high-end limited edition pieces,

designed and developed in New York, Shanghai and Mexico City.


Our raison d'être as a brand is to make Modern, Chic, Unique,

pieces were people can feel the exclusiveness of each design

and be part of this new concept within the fashion industry.


We care about what people wear, see or feel,

and the message in it, we provide this information

by making pieces with a Design-Thinking process

that goes towards an aesthetic desire, that focuses

and understands its different needs.

The House focuses on, prints targeting

concept clothing, objects, fabrics & 

wallpapers, for now.


According to the Untitled environmental strategy,

the company wants to produce wares and

products that are both high quality and have longevity,

while increasing the amount of environmentally

preferable materials, where products should be made

of organic materials or a similar environmentally

stable material.

We only make the production needed, when its needed,

and the amount needed.

We try not to exceed, in this way we don't pollute as much.


Untitled House of Prints works towards an ethical design, production,

retail, and purchasing. It tries to cover a range of issues such as

working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production,

the environment, and animal welfare.


Pieces that will be distinctly stylish with an edge towards art and high-end Design.


The expectations of the market are more demanding everyday, for this reason

Untitled offers exclusivity with fare prices, we want to be that special piece in your life. 

The Art, Design & Fashion Scene is changing every day, with exciting and innovative ideas on how to further the industry, emerging constantly. The Future is a limitless frontier and UNTITLED is excited to be part of this!

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