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CASA FRISSAC, Moneda s/n, Tlalpan Centro, c.p. 14000, CDMX.

From September 1 to October 26, 2022, a series of impressions with no apparent relationship of patterns, textures and shapes, configures the exhibition Chaos by Pablo Bernal. The work transports us to the original state of the cosmos, according to Greek mythology chaos was the first thing that existed, in it the various elements formed a whole, indeterminate and neutral. The artist's work takes as a reference nature, the planets, light, colors, among other reasons, to generate pieces that invite us to a state of meditation, almost a trance, in which the gaze is immersed in the complexity of its creations.


The power of each piece promotes an atmosphere of tranquility and reflection, inviting you to find calm in this messy world.



[cha·os] noun

Chaos (word derived from the Greek language, Χάος Kháos or cháos) usually refers to the unpredictable. Due to linguistic variations, the meaning of the word shifted to disorder.


Chaos is the complexity of the supposed causality in the relationship between phenomena (eventuality) without observing a linear trace that relates the cause to the effect, but rather, a complex calculation.


CASA FRISSAC, Moneda s/n, Tlalpan Centro, c.p. 14000, CDMX.

Monday to Sunday 
8am a 8pm

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